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Our new customer BIKAR-METALLE treated us to a very special presentation abroad. The company, which makes products from all kinds of metals, especially for the aviation sector, was exhibiting at the English airshow for the first time. Thanks to perfect planning on the part of our work preparation team, the handling, import and export of the stand elements ran smoothly, despite Brexit.

Our job was to realise an open stand concept with clean optics on the L-shaped exhibition space. The pantry and a discussion area were simply positioned in a way that gave the rest of the stand a tidy basic form that was easy to design. As suspended displays were not possible in the exhibition hall, the continuous fabric banner was mounted directly to the tops of the stand elements to make the stand perfectly noticeable from afar. The design was made up of cool blue and white tones, corresponding to the CI – as a creative gesture, a blue ‘ribbon’ on the floor and the wall drew visitors directly to the stand and to the reception desk.

The customer proved to be delighted with the design of the stand and with how the trade fair went. Well done!