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YXLON International GmbH, based in Hamburg, has been part of the Swiss Comet Group since 2007. Our long-standing client has now changed its name to Comet Yxlon GmbH and also rebranded itself.

The design of the brand identity was adapted to suit the CI of the parent company Comet AG. The previous design, with a base layout in anthracite and the complementary colour turquoise set off against it, was replaced by a no less striking red-to-violet colour gradient.

The colouring was showcased accordingly at recent trade fair presentations at Electronica in Munich and Formnext in Frankfurt. The accent colour used on the wall surfaces matched the new Comet Yxlon website. The base tone of anthracite was replaced with a dark blue.

The new trade fair presentation concept, which was designed together with the Swiss parent company and the client’s Hamburg agency, featured an open stand design. The exhibits in light colours stood out perfectly against the dark wall colouring, which made for an effective presentation.