• Jenoptik_AUSA 2016_3
New customer Jenoptik exhibits worldwide

A coherent concept, high-quality execution and proximity to the customer location were decisive in awarding the contract: we are delighted to have the opportunity to implement various presentations in Germany and around the world for new customer Jenoptik (ESW GmbH) from Wedel/Hamburg!

The manufacturer of high-quality products for security and defence technology wanted a new concept that was appropriate for the relatively technical and businesslike sector and, of course, with a blue-and-white look in line with the CI. Recognition value was of particular importance, as was the possibility of creating a stable platform to skilfully present the heavy exhibits, which weigh up to two metric tons.
At the same time, the concept had to be adaptable to different booth sizes (20 to 90 sq. m) and also suitable for the somewhat different requirements of US trade fairs.
So we got to work: the new Jenoptik trade fair appearance concept has already been implemented twice (Innotrans in Berlin and AUSA in Washington) and is having the desired effect – the customer is very satisfied, the next trade fair (SPS IPC in Nuremberg) is already coming up, and an additional request for a trade fair in the US is currently being processed by project manager Jana Zurheiden. The customer is happy, and so are we!