APEX EXPO in Singapore – an international assignment, with and without the support of OSPI

We have been turning heads abroad since 1846, both with our global network of exhibition stand builders in 55 countries and with our own achievements. Back in October, Jan Eden Visser and his assembly team boarded a flight for Asia, as APEX Expo – the leading aviation industry fair – was being held in Singapore after several consecutive years in the United States.

Change of scene? Different mentality? Language barrier? No problem thanks to OSPI. The concept we developed for our client, KID, was modified on the ground by the local exhibition stand builder to reflect Asian construction methods and local conditions, but nevertheless boasted the same look and feel as in the US or Hamburg. Guaranteed recognition!

A different approach was required for our American client Astronics. Here, the design concept had already been reworked by Jan Eden Visser. The stand was given a more modern coat of paint, brighter colours, semi-transparent fabrics, up-to-date furniture and an integrated and cosy lounge area for specialist consultations. Only the wings above the stand were retained, for the sake of recognition. The components, which were produced in Holm, travelled by ship to Singapore, where they were put together by the PREUSS MESSE assembly team and then dismantled at the end of the fair.

Customer satisfaction level: 100 per cent! The local OSPI partner, our assembly team and the customer all worked together seamlessly on the ground. And our team landed safely back in Germany!