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‘Mastering any degree’ is the slogan of our new customer Heinen Freezing, which is part of the Amandus Kahl Group from Reinbek. The company’s spiral systems for frozen food production can handle any temperature – and we can handle real heavyweights: the eye-catcher that the customer set up in the centre of the 198 m² trade fair stand at Anuga FoodTec was an enormous spiral system weighing a good 7.4 tonnes. Many of the stand’s other exhibits were also heavyweights weighing several hundred kilograms. The floor really had its work cut out ;-).

The stand was decorated in light colours and had an inviting airiness, even though the constituent elements were bulky and took up a lot of space. There was plenty of room for visitors to inspect the exhibits at length, along with areas where people could discuss what they had seen. Images from cameras focusing on details of the cooling spirals were displayed on a large media wall, alternating with clips from promotional videos. A large touchscreen element provided access to the online portal.

The curves of the large spiral system were referenced visually in the floor covering. A large banner along all sides of the stand drew attention from afar and presented not only the main exhibitor Heinen Freezing but also the sub-exhibitors of the Kahl Group: Amandus Kahl, Neuhaus Neotec and Schule. These companies also had a presentation area at the side of the stand with their own upright display panels.
The new concept can be adapted to suit various stand sizes and was next used at the IFFA trade fair in Frankfurt on an area covering 126 m².
We share our customer’s delight that the trade fair was such a success and wish them all the best for their next exhibitions.