Grabbing attention.
Physical, hybrid and virtual.

How does a ‘hybrid’ stand work?

As we go about planning your physical exhibition stand or showroom, we will create a 3D rendering to help you visualise the design. We then use this rendering in order to create a virtual space. You tell us how you’d like to present yourself, what types of media you wish to use, and which products and services you are hoping to display. We will incorporate these specifications into our 3D rendering, enabling a virtual walk-through of your design.

Virtual exhibition stand

Why a virtual exhibition stand makes a lot of sense

Trade fairs, 365 days a year? Yep, it’s possible – with a web-based virtual tour of your exhibition stand! Why not advertise your trade fair appearance with a virtual stand on your website? That way, you can offer a sneak peek of the real deal and forge initial contacts even before the trade fair begins in earnest. A link in the trade fair organiser’s exhibitor directory will allow you to reach would-be customers at your virtual exhibition stand even if you can’t be there in person.
With a virtual stand, trade fair hours can easily be extended to enable 24/7 networking and lead generation. The budget necessary to cover the relevant costs could be shared between the trade fairs/events and online marketing divisions.
Your virtual exhibition stand ticks many boxes: you can work purposefully towards a physical trade fair, launch product teasers, arouse curiosity, and invite stakeholders to visit the real-life trade fair. And once the fair is over, you can reach all those who were unable to visit your stand in person.
It’s a fascinating and interactive experience: using the mouse or navigating with the arrow keys, visitors can access and move around the virtual stand from anywhere, at any time, and receive all the relevant information you wish to communicate, including:

  • Information featuring texts and images relating to your products

  • 3D visualisation of your display items

  • Video screens with films, interviews or presentations

  • Keynote recordings, product information or typical applications

  • Live chat or video calls with a sales representative

  • Options for scheduling appointments at the trade fair, on your premises or those of your potential client

  • Links to your website, contact forms, product information downloads

If desired, we can also install multi-level tracking via which you can learn a lot of about visitor behaviour, fully compliant with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Hybrid Showroom

We will design and build a showroom on your premises in which you can welcome customers in person or via video chat. If a customer visits your facilities to find out more about your products, you can guide them through the presentation and sales process as usual. If a (prospective) customer is unable to visit you in person, you can exhibit your products via online streaming. Or you can combine both into a hybrid event, with visitors on site and, for a wider online audience, via live stream.

  • Creation of a top-quality display area using your CI design elements, incl. hygiene concept

  • Video, light and sound technology for a perfect hybrid sales environment

  • Online live exhibition of your products – all you need is a mobile phone camera and tripod (gimbal)

  • Virtual 360° tour of your product range

  • Training and concepts for running your hybrid showroom

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