AC Magellan Messestand
AC Magellan Messestand
AC Magellan Messestand


AC Magellan

SMM | Hamburg | 87 sqm

Task: Anyone who wants to hold their own in the rough and ready shipbuilding market needs to exhibit strong qualities. That is why the shipyard AC Magellan, which has been operating internationally for 13 years, put its faith in our many years of experience at the world’s leading trade fair for maritime business, the SMM in Hamburg.

Our task was to place two storeys on a small area that would rise self-confidently out of the sea of exhibitors, while at the same time maintaining a sense of Hanseatic understatement. And because that alone would have been too simple, we also had to integrate an escalator and fixed hall pillars into the booth as inconspicuously as possible.

Solution: Fighting against the blue-and-white tide with a different colour scheme.

How do you stand out even without the experience of decades of company history? For example with historic ship images that fill entire walls and create optical depth, conveying size. And how do you set yourself apart in a modest way? By replacing the ubiquitous classic maritime blue and white with demurely luxurious black and white. Where did the pillars and escalator go? Well, if you don’t see them, we did a good job.

Sabine Lewin, Project Manager/CEO

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Sabine Lewin, Project Manager / CEO
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