SMM | Hamburg | 30 sqm

Requirements: Diminutive, yet impressive. ‘It’s incredible to think that so much know-how and technology goes into screws.’ It was important that potential customers in particular would experience this ‘wow’ effect and, in the process, discover that DREH-NORM offers precision.

The remit was to make the trade fair appearance do the same as those handy little steel screws: result in good connections. In an area of just 30 square metres and at two consecutive fairs – without any conversion necessary. The approach was to stage the products in an unusual way and to communicate the clever way in which craftsmanship and high tech are brought together.

Solution:   It’s kind of obvious, but we can’t resist saying it all the same: there’s definitely no screw loose here. But some are certainly on a special mission.

The idea was to present this bulk commodity as if it were expensive jewellery – in fancy shelving niches and on tables under acrylic glass. This gives the exhibits a spectacular setting without taking up too much space. The line is then blurred between exhibition and communication in the open meeting room in a linear design that represents DREH -NORM ’s precision work. The perfect fit, both for the maritime SMM fair and for the WindEnergy fair.

Sabine Lewin, Project Manager/CEO

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Sabine Lewin, Project Manager / CEO
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