IDS | Köln | 180 sqm

Requirement: 50,000 products, largest mail-order firm for dental laboratory requirements in Europe – those who have anything to do with teeth know DT&SHOP. Our baptism of fire with the new customer: the International Dental Show, the world‘s leading trade fair for the sector.

Zebra look with orange accents: our task was to roll out the look of the latest marketing campaign three dimensionally over 180 square metres. Until now it had only been seen in brochures, catalogues and online. And then, very un-zebra-like:catch the eye from a distance and set DT&SHOP apart from the rest of the show.

Lösung: Simply bring a bit of colour into play: black on white on black on white on black …

Back in the day, the zebra opted for its barcode overall because it offers great camouflage on the shimmering steppes. At a fully air-conditioned, tooth-white dental show, the stripe look stands out like a peacock in a dovecote. Floating, mystically black cubes also arouse the hunting instinct: “That I have to see!” And because there is something good nearby, we then lead visitors to the exhibits by means of zebra stripes on the floor. Fantastic. Trailblazing.

Jan Eden Visser, Project Manager

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