WoTS | Utrecht | 150 sqm

Requirements: White and water blue, clear typography, and visuals verging on the sterile: revamped in 2012, the corporate design of the global life science enterprise subtly plays with its industry image and customer expectations.

The aim: making something new even newer – taking the lab technology manufacturer’s new look into the third dimension and confidently presenting its quality ethos and products. This entailed adapting the format and size of the stand created for BIOTECHNICA 2013.

Solution  The eppendorf credo, ‘In touch with life’, is also the concept’s guiding principle: technology for a healthy life – modern, clinically clean and reduced to the essentials.

The entrepiece is an impressive gateway structure with up to 20 unsupported metres! Together with the illuminated logos, the structure, which efficiently lights up the stand from above, is a real eye-catcher that’s visible from afar. The shiny floor has a quality look about it and also looks light, and the stand elements appear to be floating. In the stylised lab, stand visitors discover key products in their ‘natural’ environment: eppendorf in touch with people.

Sabine Lewin, Project Manager/CEO

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Sabine Lewin, Project Manager / CEO
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