Hiestand & Suhr

INTERGASTRA | Stuttgart | 130 sqm

Requirement:  “Oven-fresh products – our craft”: the crisp profile of the market leader for frozen bakery products. The task: to show at INTERGASTRA and INTERNORGA over 130 and 150 sqm respectively that Hiestand ist not bragging too much about its claim.
As the industrial baker´s corporate design has been rejuvenated since the last Hiestand booth, we were also expected to pep up the previous trade fair concept. And to present the Hiestand baked goods so that even visitors who had eaten would not walk past the taste samples on offer: tasteful.

Solution:  What worked for the old stand also applies to the new one: bright, warm, tasty – smashing! A host of reasons to come and stay.
The typical look and feel of modern bakeries invites people to look around and taste the products. The reduced rustic style is new: a bright one instead of serveral, some of them darker, shades of wood, white Hay stools instead of crude timber benches. Also concept corners with refined delicacies. And a coffee bar with bakery, from which fresh steaming supplies continuously emerge. Multe-sensual marketing can be so appetising.

Sabine Lewin, Project Manager/CEO

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Sabine Lewin, Project Manager / CEO
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