Blechexpo | Stuttgart | 60 sqm

Requirement: The name rarely says it all as much as this: “Hoedtke Metall- und Lasertechnik” [metal and laser technology] processes metal materials – preferably using lasers. What is even rarer is for customers to partly build their stand themselves. But it happens. Here for example:

For Blechexpo in Stuttgart, the internationally renowned fair for the sheet metal working industry, the Hamburg company wanted a new stand concept that a) shows off the three key business divisions, b) conveys a down-to-earth and modern quality and c) plays with its Hanseatic origins.

Solution: Metal, wood, sand – it doesn‘t get any more northern. OK, we threw high winds and constant drizzle into the bargain.

The rest merges into the modern maritime setting: pointedly metallic minimalism in the style of the new Scandinavian design. PVC in a sand look. 150-year old wood planks, which invite you to walk around the stand. On the walls, steel panels with a rust patina, with the skylines of Hamburg and Kiel on them – like the logo, lasered at Hoedkte out of polished and brushed steel. The 60 sqm area feels bigger thanks to the diagonal layout, with the three core competences suspended from the ceiling visible from afar. The stand as evidence of the company‘s own ability. Quod erat demonstrandum.

Jan Eden Visser, Project Manager

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