KID Systems

Aircraft Interiors | Hamburg | 200 sqm

Requirements: The message conveyed by the new trade fair appearance is: high-flying innovation. Whether it’s surfing the Internet, playing or working, airline passengers want to be able to use their smartphones, tablets, etc. as usual when on board. In this area, Airbus and Boeing place their trust in cabin electronics made by KID.

The company wanted to show how modern it is. Under the blue-and-white roof (corporate colours), they wanted specific areas in green and orange to stand for the product families SKYpower and SKYfi. The stand had to be open with islands for dialogue. And designed in such a way that its size and arrangement could easily be adapted.

Solution: According to a well-known German song, there is no end to freedom above the clouds. And for KID, the same now goes for down on earth.

Stand visitors are greeted by a tidy atmosphere: clear lines that reflect the wing shapes in the company logo. Bright colours are used to clearly demarcate the individual areas. Practical: the blue frame all around the stand and the partition walls that mark off the lounge areas are manufactured in segments, allowing for flexibility of design. For the perfect stand, all over the world.

Jan Eden Visser, Project Manager

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Jan Eden Visser, Project Manager
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