REIFEN | Essen | 270 sqm

Requirement: The Taiwanese tyre manufacturer, MAXXIS, is in the industry‘s top ten. The global player‘s plan for the world‘s leading tyre trade show, “Reifen”: take a flying start
towards pole position.
Aspiration and brief: “We set everything in motion.” The appearance should embody success, be open and appealing despite the enclosed retreat area – and show that something is going on at MAXXIS. Playing with sport rims and virginal tyres from morning til late: a feast for the child in man.

Solution: What makes our boys happy is also a joy for tyre professionals – no question: These exhibits belong at the front of the starting grid.
“An eye-catcher of an exhibition stand” – this is not from the intro to our concept presentation, but the echo of the trade press about the 270 sqm double-decker stand. It gleams from afar in MAXXIS orange red. Semi-transparent lengths of material screen off the private room without completely obscuring the vista. Yet the real teasers are in the aisle: new tyre models for various car and truck categories. Look at them. Feel them. Go into a spin.

Sabine Lewin, Project Manager/CEO

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Sabine Lewin, Project Manager / CEO
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