Frankfurt | DGRh-Congress | 90 sqm

Requirement: A typical challenge and nevertheless always exciting: how do we make the new worlds of vocabulary, colours and images for a new 3D customer campaign eye-catching?

Cognitive challenge number two ahead of the appearance of pharmaceuticals specialist medac at the congress of the German rheumatology association in Frankfurt: the rather complex dimensions of the long, narrow head booth.

Solution: Think outside the box once, place two archways diagonally and gain three spaces.

Space 1: the bar as a central point of arrival. Space 2: the aisle space for a short break. Space 3: the separate booth – open and yet closed-off enough for longer conversations. The large arch in a trendily dark wood tone provides an elegant frame visible from a distance. Orange and blue – striking new elements in the CD of the medac rheumatology division – add a splash of colour at the right points, and well-positioned light boxes spread the new campaign messages. All of which also impressed the organiser: second place in the congress-internal ranking of
the cleverest booth concepts.

Charlotte Tilmann, Projektleiterin

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