Düsseldorf | MEDICA | 137 sqm

Requirement: Sometimes, every milligram counts – especially when it comes to dosing out medication. As the world’s leading medical company in the field of measuring systems and scales, seca GmbH & Co KG is well aware that every ounce of detail makes all the difference in stand design. This is especially true for the stand at MEDICA, where some 5,000 exhibitors show off their weighty international
expertise. PREUSS MESSE tipped the scales with a unique concept. The German Health Care Export Group gave its partner seca no less than 137 square metres on their shared stand.

Solution: A balance of form and content

Consult a doctor or pharmacist? Ask the experts at PREUSS MESSE instead. They will carefully balance your active ingredients and write a prescription for showcasing product highlights to perfection. The project team once again administered a highly effective formula: sophisticated lighting (including recessed flooring), the clinical colour of white combined with the corporate colour of red and a clear separation of functional areas. This included plenty of space for specialist consultations about what the trade visitors had just seen, as the catering took place in the adjacent shared space. With the balance just right, seca now has a two-year prescription for success that it can use at industry trade fairs.

Sabine Lewin, Project Manager/CEO

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Sabine Lewin, Project Manager / CEO
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