Fruit Logistica | Berlin | 140 sqm

Requirements: ‘We’d like an inviting eye-catcher that says: we’ve arrived in the digital age.’ Our translation in key words: (new) customer focus, long-distance effect, modernity and, of course, recognition.
These were the wishes of the long-standing packaging manufacturer. A great example of what our creative minds are capable of doing: delivering output with wow effect, despite standard inputs. It should also be ‘an open space for fruitful conversations’. Of course.

Solution:  Smart, smarter, smartphone. Our contribution to the non-standard type of stand.
In a space measuring 140 square metres, we incorporate the vibrant green of the logo at key locations – as well as the industry messages ‘nature’ and ‘fresh’. The fact that NNZ is also at the forefront of Service 2.0 becomes obvious the moment you see the XXL wall of LCD TVs and the three illuminated oversize smartphones (each 2.5 x 5 m), which with their typical, rounded corners are core stylistic elements of the stand design. Oh, yeah: there’s also lots of space for good conversations. Of course.

Jan Eden Visser, Project Manager

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Jan Eden Visser, Project Manager
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