Light + Building | Frankfurt | 253 sqm

Requirement: NORKA has been supplying great lighting for 60 years. At Light & Building, the world‘s leading trade fair for light and building technology, the manufacturer of industrial lighting wanted to show itself in the best possible light. That is to say: in its own.

Besides the presentation of various light solutions, we were expected to provide plenty of space for talks with new and existing customers. “And please do the whole thing in red and white.” Illuminating, seen in the plain light of day.

Solution:   Where there is a lot of light, isn‘t there also a lot of shadow? This is hereby refuted.

If we had installed more lamps over 253 sqm, visitors would not have only been dazzled by the grand appearance and the corporate colours. NORKA lights on the walls and under the ceiling, as well as display cases with product highlights. The open roof creates an airy effect, the cut-out walls invite visitors to immerse themselves in the NORKA world from three sides. Or to immerse a NORKA waffle in a cup of fresh coffee from the bar. Now and then it is fine to put visitors under the spotlight.

Sabine Lewin, Project Manager/CEO

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Sabine Lewin, Project Manager / CEO
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