Schott & Meissner

ITMA | Barcelona | 204 sqm

Challenge: SCHOTT & MEISSNER are specialists in heat treatment and thermal-bonding equipment. Does this conjure a sense of lightness and ease? That’s precisely what they wanted to communicate to visitors to the ITMA 2019 – despite the presence of a huge double belt press…gulp.

We’re delighted that our client SCHOTT & MEISSNER entrusted us with this exciting task. And we fulfilled it. Will we also be able to implement this exhibition stand concept in Barcelona? Sí! Our many years of international experience and our network make it possible. And since Spain is practically around the corner, we’ll even deliver the finished design to the venue. That’s lightness and ease courtesy of PREUSS MESSE.

Solution: The Thermofix-TFE is a mighty machine. Luckily, we had 204 m² at our disposal, and the stand’s diagonal layout made it appear even bigger. Our use of specific materials and colour scheme meant we were able to create just the right atmosphere and sense of lightness.

We kept it bright and transparent – in keeping with the client’s CI – with light fabrics and wooden slats. Seamless graphics on white walls created a calm look and feel; and small seating areas invited visitors to rest and chat. If the mere sight of the impressive Thermofix-TFE machine makes you want to sit down…go ahead!
By the way: we’re heading to Turkey. Because we enjoyed Barcelona so much, we’ll be joining SCHOTT & MEISSNER in Istanbul in 2023!

Raffael Hanna, Project Manager

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Raffael Hanna, Project Manager
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