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INTERNORGA | Hamburg | 213 sqm

Challenge: Too many cooks spoil the broth? That certainly doesn’t apply to Service-Bund. As a federation of more than 30 food and drink wholesalers, this company thrives on the diversity of its members. And on the clever exhibitions stands that PREUSS MESSE has been creating for many years now.

‘Same kitchen crew, different recipe’ – this was the order we received from Service-Bund for its stand at INTERNORGA 2019, where it presented its product range across a whopping 213 m². They wished for the design and individual components to be showcased more prominently, while a smattering of emotions and a pinch of feel-good atmosphere were to round off the taste sensation. Forget bland uniformity – Service-Bund truly stood out from the pack.

Solution: Delicious ingredients produce tasty meals. This stand was a veritable feast for the eyes and the palate. Warm wood tones and cleverly combined furniture pieces served as the basis for an emotional addressing of customers and feel-good ambience at the stand. Various themed sections provided a sense of structure and originality. Meanwhile, culinary unity was achieved via a chef’s counter in the centre of the stand. This is where visitors got to savour the entire range of delicacies offered by Service-Bund. As the adage goes, we eat with our eyes first, which is why we also showcased the tasty product assortment on a large media wall behind the counter. In a nutshell, one might say: Come in and enjoy!

Charlotte Tilmann, Projektleiterin

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