ANGA COM| Cologne | 125 sqm

Requirements: Telly on, feet up and hope there’s something half-decent on? Those days are over. Nowadays, we get to enjoy TV personalised to our taste and viewable anywhere, anytime and on any device. This modern way of watching TV has a name: Zattoo. The biggest TV streaming provider in Europe.

A strong brand, an impressive portfolio for customers and partners and plenty of technical expertise. All of these features were brought together and showcased across 125m2 – with an added dash of cosy living room atmosphere.

We made this vision a reality at the ANGA COM fair in Cologne, creating a comprehensive information platform for specialist audiences that left no questions unanswered.

Solution:  As true today as it ever was: nothing beats watching TV in a living room. That’s why we set one up in the centre of the stand. A large floating fabric cube provided a highly elegant visual delineation.
Another nice touch: we managed to install 250 metres of Ethernet cables, hidden away discreetly. These were needed to bring all the monitors and various devices online, allowing visitors to experience the diversity of Zattoo first-hand.

The floor graphics – which connected the two-part stand visually – were particularly striking. Both the floor and the remaining stand elements were crafted by us with a keen eye for detail (and for rounded edges) in Zattoo’s eye-catching colours.

So…maybe now is a good time to turn on the TV, put your feet up… and just watch telly?

Jan Eden Visser, Project Manager

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Jan Eden Visser, Project Manager
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