New challenges at SMM in Hamburg

Another home town appearance for PREUSS MESSE at the Hamburg trade fair site: we looked after nine customers there, two of whom were new ones. We created a tailored trade fair appearance for each one of them, with a total presentation space of almost 800 sq. m designed by us.
The booth of new customer AC Magellan presented a particular challenge: skilfully integrating the escalator and hall pillars provided by the customer into the presentation without disrupting the overall appearance. The ‘rough’ design style in black and white clearly differentiated the presentation from the classic maritime trade fair booths in blue and white around it and made a high-quality, sophisticated impression. Historical motifs repeated on the back wall, underside of the stairs and side wall created a three-dimensional feel that gave the two-storey booth and the cleverly designed facade an impressive sense of grandeur.
Following on from 2014, Raytheon Anschütz requested a new design that would put the focus on the core corporate message, ‘We are The Navigation Company’, be more open and make an inviting, modern impression. The result is that the signal colour red is used in line with the CI throughout: on the large banner with the key visual – which is visible from a great distance – for the carpet in the lounge and on the bistro table elements in the front area. This colour is combined with warm wood tones and white elements. The look of the booth is rounded off with historical black-and-white photos in the hospitality area. Divided into the areas Technology, Consulting and Lounge, the peninsula stand, accessible from three sides, offers lots of space for product presentation, interaction with new customers and maintaining relationships with existing customers. Message understood and perfectly carried out!