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Working together for success!
A strong team.

“I want to go there!” Your stand needs to arouse curiosity. In a matter of seconds. Because there are countless attractions and temptations competing for the attention of busy exhibition visitors. So we have a clear goal: to develop a strong attention magnet – so that no one will pass you by. Naturally, your project manager will be your personal point of contact right from the start.

You will get everything from a single source, from the first sketch to the post-exhibition follow-up. And, of course, we will do everything we can to meet even the most unusual design, color and material requirements. You decide whether you want us to work primarily as experienced idea implementers or as creative idea accelerators.

Our creative minds will design and create, our construction and installation professionals will saw and screw, and your project manager will co-ordinate everything through to the final handshake.

Our aim: 100 percent satisfaction, 100 percent success. 100 percent exhibition.

Project Management

PREUSS MESSE_Jana Zuheiden_Leitung Projektmanagement

Jana Zurheiden

Head of Project Management

PREUSS MESSE Jens Will Key Account Projektleitung

Jens Will

Key Account Project Management

PREUSS MESSE_Raffael Hanna_Projektleitung

Raffael Hanna

Project Management

PREUSS MESSE_Charlotte Tilmann_Projektleitung

Charlotte Tilmann

Project Management

PREUSS MESSE_Anika Reichel-Lohrenscheit_Projektleitung

Anika Reichel-Lohrenscheit

Project Management

PREUSS MESSE_Emma Seeliger_Projektleitung

Emma Seeliger

Project Management

PREUSS MESSE_Natalie Kujawa_Projektleitung

Natalie Kujawa

Project Management


PREUSS MESSE Ulrike Thomsen

Ulrike Thomsen

Marketing & Sales

PREUSS MESSE Matthias Klein Leitung Produktion

Matthias Klein

Head of Production

PREUSS MESSE Andreas Beller Leitung Grafik

Andreas Beller

Head of Graphics

PREUSS MESSE Sören Witte Leitung Lagermanagement

Sören Witte

Head of Warehouse and Logistics

PREUSS MESSE Malte Guderjahn Leitung CAD

Malte Opitz

Head of CAD

PREUSS MESSE Michael Moebius

Jens Michael Moebius

Head of Purchase


Peter Zucht

Head of Work Scheduling


PREUSS MESSE Peter Preuss Geschäftsführung

Peter Preuß

Head of Management


Sabine Lewin

Head of Management

PREUSS MESSE Jörn Welz Betriebsleitung

Jörn Welz

Operations Management

From a standing start to success.

We give 500 percent. 100 percent in each of the areas of consulting, planning, production, set-up and dismantling, and of course in everything else that needs to be done before, during and after your exhibition. With strong partners behind you if you need them. Whether you have a conventional stand or a playful design landscape in mind, you can always rely on 100% full service.

First talk, then act: How and where do you see yourself? What does your audience expect? What is the competition doing? As soon as we get to know you in detail, the inventor’s brains starts working.

You want eye-catchers?
We make them. Since 1846.

A dancing island on Hamburg’s Inner Alster Lake, the first stage decorations for the later Ohnsorg Theatre: C. F. A Preuß & Sohn was already known for grand performances around 1900.

C. F. A., or in other words Carl Friedrich August Preuß. The decorator and upholsterer set up his own business on May 8, 1846. In 1879, he handed over the sceptre to his son Gustav, who passed it on to Carl Wilhelm Adolph in 1922.

PREUSS MESSE was gathering momentum.

Even back around 1900, the construction and subsequent dismantling of stages for private and public events is a thriving industry.
At the same time, PREUSS MESSE was making a name for itself as a supplier to major events such as the Allgemeine Hamburger Gartenbau-Ausstellung (Hamburg General Horticultural Exhibition) in 1897 and the Deutsches Turnfest (German Gymnastics Festival) in Hamburg in 1898.After World War II, the focus is squarely on event and trade fair design. The company’s own lorry was a huge help. And the firm’s pride and joy, too! As you can see in this picture of Peter Preuß Sr., who moved into the driving seat of PREUSS MESSE in 1945.

The height of fashion!
DOB. Date of birth?
Do our best?

In the 1950s, DOB was also a trade fair where visitors could admire the very latest in ladies’ wear.
Like this lingerie collection from Scherer. With lacy underwear and the ‘Isolde’ Perlon slip, it made the women (and men) of the day very happy.
You can see the stand planned and built by PREUSS MESSE at a DOB fair in Hamburg. Apprehensive about new sectors? No. Why?

The trio at the top

We have been based in Holm, near Hamburg, since 1970. After more than 100 years in central Hamburg. With ateliers, workshops and warehouse space, we can finally build mammoth stands.
Peter Preuß Jr. (centre) took over at the helm in 1978 and established PREUSS MESSE Baugesellschaft in 1980.
In 2003, his daughter Sabine Lewin joined the senior management team, which also includes operations manager Jörn Welz (left).
The three of them always have plenty to smile about. Because they love what they do. And because PREUSS MESSE will continue to generate plenty of ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ around the world in the future.


PREUSS MESSE Baugesellschaft mbH
Am Kamp 1
25488 Holm – Germany

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