We lead the way when it comes to important issues such as climate protection and promoting young talents.

We pay attention to recyclable and reusable materials right from the planning phase.
Want some examples?

We work with OCTANORM systems: they can be used for decades, reused flexibly and are very easy to recycle. And we contribute to CO2-savings through our membership of the global OSPI network by avoiding long transport routes..

We use reusable wooden components or recycled plastic for the floor construction of your exhibition stands, while substructures for wall and ceiling elements are made from reusable, lightweight aluminium system components.

We primarily use reusable materials with low weight and transport volume for wall and ceiling panelling.

Individual components are stored and used again for subsequent events (ceiling elements, counters, benches, fabrics, furniture, electrical and lighting components). We also make frequent use of rental furniture, mainly from our own stock.

We produce digital prints and foil plots ourselves, our suppliers, e.g. for fabrics, come regionally from northern Germany in order to keep transport routes short.

PREUSS Nachhaltigkeit 2

We take responsibility.
Every day.

When it comes to the environment, we put our own house in order. For example, by generating our own electricity and heat with the friendly help of the sun. Photovoltaic and solar thermal panels on the roof, plus a combined heat and power plant in the basement powered by renewable energy – all to achieve our ultimate goal: a carbon-neutral exhibition stand. Because it’s good for the environment – and your budget.

• Several photovoltaic systems with a total net output of 57.55 kW, commissioned in 2005
• Solar thermal system with 15 square metres of collector area and 1000 litre buffer tank, commissioned in 2008
• Combined heat and power unit, 20 kW thermal capacity, in operation since 2013
• Recycling of wood waste for modern heating systems in compliance with particulate matter limits
• 6,000 m² production and storage area for the manufacture and storage of reusable stand components

We are proactive pioneers.

For us, acting sustainably also means offering prospects. Locally and globally. We have been training our own future employees for many years and play an active part in then helping them develop their careers. The result: people with a future. And the odd award as a top training company.

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Multiple use is the key.

Sign a framework agreement with us for multiple shows. We will store the reusable components of your stand in our own warehouse until your next trade fair presentation. This not only protects the environment, but also your wallet. And ensures that your eye-catcher gets the recognition it deserves.


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