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Two extraordinary appearances by medac at the DGRh Congress

“That was my favourite project this year! Sophisticated and an unusual challenge.” This is how our project manager Daniel Meyer describes his task for our longstanding customer medac from Wedel at the Congress for Rheumatology in Mannheim.

Turning two into one: the idea was to connect two areas separated by a passage in such a way as to give the impression of a comprehensive appearance. The passage could be covered with flooring and a structure on top, but it couldn’t be moved. The areas were lavishly combined by means of several archway constructions and also served as an entry portal for the visitors. A consistent floor covering in the areas of the stand and walkway also created a uniform as well as generous space. The trick: the arches were also branded with the Medac logo on top so that from the stairs and gallery, it was immediately clear where the medac stand could be found! The desired open presentation that offered many views into the stand and aroused curiosity was created in a 130 m² area.
The light and friendly atmosphere was accentuated by a dark wood design to make it appear inviting. It worked perfectly, since the focus was on communication with the participants of the congress. The emphasis was on the three anniversaries of different products by means of a digitally printed timeline on the walkway’s flooring and various wall graphics.

The second area on the upper floor was perfectly situated on the way to the congress hotel and received a lot of traffic. How do you visualise the effect of medicine in the bloodstream? Very easily, by creating one and presenting the exhibition stand like a transparent vein. With VR glasses, visitors could experience the process and effect of the medication virtually live. Graphics with blood platelets, pulsating red lighting and a background sound like a heartbeat reinforced the three-dimensional impression. Often overheard: “Have you visited the medac bloodstream yet?”