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High praise for our design

The SV/SM exhibition stand at HI Europe looks really fantastic. Reducing the design to the essentials worked really well. The large, striking brand panels in both areas can be seen from far away and Preuss has placed such a crisp light here that the presence is emphasised even more. It’s a kind of ‘beacon’. The tall height also makes a very distinctive impression. Everything seems very high-quality overall.
Colleagues here in Frankfurt report that it’s remarkable how often the stand is photographed. So, this is clearly a concept that we should pursue further. Our compliments to everyone involved. That calls for a Pure Vitalizer!” (Olav Jünke, Managing Director, ondesign, Hamburg).

This was how the agency of our longstanding customer Stern Wywiol responded to the new concept, which we first prepared and realised at HI Europe for the subsidiaries SternVitamin and SternMaid. We have nothing more to add! ?